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Maggie The Border Collie Wicklow Sheep Herding Demonstration

Is your dog as bright as the Border Collie?

Did you know that there are almost as many sheep as there are humans in Ireland? According to Ireland’s 2016 census, there are 3.9 million sheep versus 4.7 million people. Even more interesting… Cattle outnumber humans by 25%! The second bit of information is irrelevant, but I found it to […]

The Setai Miami Beach Luxury Hotel

My Top 5 Favorite Hotels Of 2017

The more I travel the higher my standards become. This is applicable to airlines, restaurants, spas and mostly hotels. Someone once said: “I’ll only stay at a hotel that’s nicer than my home”. I couldn’t agree more with this statement! Why would I travel somewhere to stay in a place […]

Three Day Juice Detox

Three Day Juice Detox: How To Not Die

What better way to end the year than with a couple’s detox? Most people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions in December. I on the other hand prefer finding ways to improve my life throughout the year instead of joining the masses in January. So, I asked my husband if […]

Momofuku Shōtō Top Five Favorite Restaurants Of 2017 Toronto

Top 5 Favorite Restaurants Of 2017

We really enjoy trying new restaurants, especially when we travel. This past year we’ve dined at 8 of the world’s 50 best and several Michelin-starred restaurants but only a few stood out. Keep reading to find out which ones made my list of top 5 favorite restaurants of 2017 and […]

Travel Apps I Cannot Live Without

Travel Apps I Cannot Live Without

In an effort to become more efficient when traveling or in general, I am constantly looking for tools to make my life easier. I consider myself the queen of shortcuts; if I can do something in a fraction of the time then sign me up! Here are a few travel […]