Hotel Review: Amanzoe Luxury Resort In Greece

Hotel Review: Amanzoe Luxury Resort Greece

The Peloponnese, land of myths and legends, is also home to a resort fit for the gods. Which makes sense since according to ancient Greek mythology the Peloponnese is where the gods walked the earth. Amanzoe derives from the Sanskrit word for peace, aman, and the Greek word for life, zoe. That is exactly what you get in this magical place; a life of peace. It is situated on a hilltop surrounded by olive groves and the deep blue Aegean Sea. This luxury five-star resort is perfection!

We were torn between two locations and our luxury travel consultant Carmen, founder of Exotik Traveler, told us that Amanzoe is simply perfection. Who would say no to perfection? We certainly did not and so, our decision was made and Amanzoe was our destination of choice.

At time of booking

Carmen took care of booking our stay at Amanzoe and organised our entire trip to Greece. I sat back, gave up control and let her handle everything. Yes, I really did. She is that good! She ensured we got a well-situated room and took care of organising transportation to and from Athens airport. Once the booking was complete she sent us our confirmation and we were all set!

At time of booking - Rating: 10/10

Arrival at Amanzoe

The drive from Athens airport is about 2.5 hours, the last hour is winding roads. We were very happy to make our way through the gates of Amanzoe and get out of the vehicle. As soon as we pulled up to the entrance, we received a warm greeting, wet towels and a welcome drink. Our luggage was taken care of while we enjoyed a tour of the resort. At first sight, we could understand why everyone spoke so highly of Amanzoe.

Arrival at Amanzoe - Rating: 8/10
Arrival Pavilion
Amanzoe Welcome Pavilion
Welcome Pavilion
Reflecting Pool Entrance at Amanzoe
Reflecting Pool Entrance
Amanzoe Pavilions Kranidi Greece
Amanzoe Pavilions

Check-In Process

The check-in process was completed in our room, Pavilion to be more specific. We got a complete tour of the Pavilion and a couple of signatures later we were left on our own.

Check-In Process – Rating: 10/10

The Pool Pavilion Premium View at Amanzoe

There are 38 free-standing pavilions at Amanzoe and you do not need to worry about a bad room. Each guest gets their own free-standing, marble-edged pavilion. They are positioned to ensure maximum privacy and are 210sq m in size (a little over 2200sf). Inside space measures 100m2, outdoor space is 110m2. The décor is modern,with pale walls, natural stone features and a touch of pine. You’ll find floor to ceiling windows, indoor-outdoor living spaces with views of the shimmering sea or the endless olive-grove. Our Pool Pavilion Premium View, number 23, was perfectly located, everything is close by; reception, restaurants, gym and spa.

The Room – Rating: 10/10

Pavilion Entrance Amanzoe Greece
Pavilion Entrance
Amanzoe Pavilion Living Room
Living Room


The master ensuite has two Japanese Toto lavatories in separate areas, a closet adjacent to each, and in the middle a large walk-in rain shower and sunken bathtub. I fell in love and informed my husband right away that our future home must have the exact same set up!

Amanzoe Pavilion His Bathroom
The Hubby's Bathroom
Amanzoe Pavilion Her Bathroom
Mrs. Chieff's Bathroom
Amanzoe Pavilion Bathroom Sunken Bathtub
Sunken Bathtub
Large Walk-In Rain Shower Amanzoe Pavilion Greece
Large Double Walk-In Rain Shower

Noise Levels

There is nothing I hate more than a loud air conditioner or other annoying sounds at luxury hotels. No need to worry about this at Amanzoe!


The king size bed was plush and comfortable.

Bed at Amanzoe Pavilion Greece
Plush Comfortable Bed
Well Divided Room With Plenty Of Space


The WIFI is not the best but I’m not going to complain about this because there is so much to make up for it.

Water Bottles

The staff replenish these multiple times a day.

Closet Space

Just perfect! Plenty of drawers, hangers and hanging space!

Amanzoe Pavilion Closet Greece
The Hubby's Closet
Amanzoe Pavilion Closet Greece
Mrs. Chieff's Closet

Slippers and Bathrobe

Not only did we get a bathrobe (toweling/absorbent fabric) and slippers but also a dressing gown (loose lighter fabric).


Bespoke Aman bath products like body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soap bars are provided. You’ll also find insect repellent, a loofah, flash light and adapter.

We also had access to tons of free movies on TV, an iPod dock and hair dryer that actually dried my hair.

Little extras

Ladies and gentlemen don’t worry about packing hats, a beach bag or flip flops, the hotel provides these as well!

House Coat, Bathrobe & Sunhat Amanzoe Greece
House Coat, Bathrobe & Sunhat
Insect Repellent, Adapter, Flashlight & Loofa
Bespoke Aman Products Amanzoe Greece
Bespoke Aman Products

Private swimming pool

The pool is 6m long and set into an expansive terrace with premium views of the Aegean Sea. If you prefer skinny dipping and no tan lines this is where you want to be. 😉
Outdoor Living Room
Private 6m Pool At Pavilion

We were given Greek Worry Beads, kombolói, to hang on your door as a do not disturb. Every night at turn down the staff left a little gift on our bed. One evening we got a lavender pouch, the next an evil eye pendant, then citrus bath salts and finally masticha candies. The attention to detail is outstanding. As soon as we left our room staff made their way over to tidy up and replenish drinks and amenities. We accidentally left the kombolói on our door a few times and they found us on the resort to ask if they could enter our room!
Greek Worry Beads - Kombolói
The Evil Eye Amanzoe Greece
The Evil Eye
Citrus Bath Salts
Masticha Candies Amanzoe Greece
Masticha Candies
Greek Lavender Amanzoe
Greek Lavender


I no longer book hotel stays with breakfast included because we never make it on time! Well, Amanzoe caters to those of us who like to take our sweet time in the morning. Those of us who prefer eating our breakfast before taking a shower, putting on actual clothes and makeup. Thank you Amanzoe for free room-service breakfast! Oh, did I mention the breakfast wasn’t bad either?! There is a large selection of breakfast items to chose from and we could also make special requests. If they have the ingredients they’ll make it for you!

Breakfast – Rating 9/10

Amanzoe Room Service Breakfast

Main Pool

Or as we liked to call it: our very own 25m private pool! Turns out everyone preferred the beach club. The azure infinity-edged pool lined with green marble with views of the countryside is surrounded with loungers. So no need to worry about not finding a spot. The restaurant is at arms length which means you can order drinks and get them within seconds. I guess the fact that we were the only ones there helped a little.

Main Pool – Rating 10/10

Amanzoe Main Pool Greece
View At Amanzoe Main Pool
Plenty Of Free Lounge Chairs Along The 25m Pool
Poolside Drinks At Amanzoe Greece
Poolside Drinks Within Seconds
Main Pool Restaurant

Private Beach Club

Hop on a free transfers to the private beach club which is 3.9 miles (6.3km) away by shuttle bus; about 10 minutes. The beach club boasts four pools, two of which are lap pools, two children’s pools and a sheltered bay to swim in. The beach club restaurant was our favorite lunch spot despite the slow service. This is the most crowded area on the resort and it still didn't feel that way. Guests can enjoy non-motorized water sports, overnight cabanas, a fully equipped gym and a two-room spa.

Private Beach Club – Rating 8/10

Lap Pools At Amanzoe Beach Club Greece
Lap Pools At Amanzoe Beach Club
Pool & Beach View At Amanzoe Beach Club Greece
Pool & Beach View At Amanzoe Beach Club
Golden Sand Beach At Amanzoe Beach Club Greece
Golden Sand Beach At Amanzoe Beach Club
Amanzoe Beach Club Greece
Amanzoe Beach Club Spa
Spa At Amanzoe Beach Club
Amanzoe Beach Club Gym Greece
Amanzoe Beach Club Gym
Sheltered Bay

Helicopter Pad

If you wish to avoid the 2h45 minutes drive from Athens airport your next option would be to take a private helicopter. The helicopter pad is halfway between the beach club and the resort and the trip from Athens in 25 minutes! It’ll set you back about €3000 but you get extra time in paradise!

Helicopter Pad – Rating N/A (we took the long way there…)


We booked two treatments during our stay, 90-minute Amanzoe Rejuvenation and 60-minute Zone Facial Massage. There are five double treatment rooms with steam room, thai massage room, watsu pool, hair salon and finishing salon. The extensive spa menu can be found here. Our first treatment took place the evening we arrived since the perfect way to begin a vacation in the sun is a good exfoliation. Both treatments were very enjoyable. The use of natural products found locally in Greece combined with the Aman skincare products range made for a wonderful experience.

Spa – Rating 9/10

Spa Waiting Room
Changing Room Adjacent To Treatment Room
Double Treatment Room


I would like to begin by stating that this was the first time we’ve ever worked out on vacation. Normally exercise while away consists of walking to and from restaurants, sightseeing and floating in the pool. I would also like to note that we workout regularly when at home, we’re not that lazy. This time we decided we would be active and I am so glad we signed up for two personal training sessions with Vassilis Papaioannou. He planned a great full body workout and adjusted as needed. We train with personal trainers regularly and we highly recommend Vassilis. Just think of all the extra wine, champagne and feta you’ll be able to eat! (hoping none of our trainers read my blog)

Not only is there a fully equipped state of the art gym but there is also a yoga and Pilates studios where you can book private or group sessions. As a regular Pilates Reformer participant, I can confirm that they have the latest machines in a beautiful studio. Wish I had known about it before my arrival, I would’ve booked a Pilates session as well.

Gym – Rating 9/10
Entrance To The Gym At Amanzoe
State Of The Art Gym At Amanzoe Greece
State Of The Art Gym At Amanzoe
Amanzoe Pilates Studio
Pilates Studio
Yoga Studio With Panoramic View
Personal Trainer Amanzoe Gym
Vassilis Making Sure I Don't Slack Off

Dining at Amanzoe

There are three restaurants available, two on the resort and one at the beach club. Nama, the pool restaurant, offers Japanese cuisine in the evening and Mediterranean dishes by day. Enjoy traditional Greek specialties and wood-fired pizza at the casual Beach Club; open for lunch. And finally, the Main Restaurant for breakfast or an elegant evening dinner. You can enjoy spectacular sunsets and views of the Aegean Sea. This restaurant offers Greek and international breakfast choices and a Modern Greek and Mediterranean dinner menu. Our favorite for lunch was the beach club and the main restaurant for dinner. You can also book a transfer to Spetses and enjoy a nice meal at one of their many restaurants. We tried NTA (Nero Tis Agapis) and highly recommend it!

Dining at Amanzoe – Rating 8/10

Nama - Pool Restaurant Amanzoe
Nama - Pool Restaurant
Ceviche at Nama (Pool Restaurant) - Lunch Menu
Nama Amanzoe Greece
Sushi At Nama (Pool Restaurant) - Dinner Menu
Main Restaurant
Golden Hour At The Main Restaurant & Bar
King Crab & Water Melon
Greek Style Tomato Salad
Our Waiter Deboning My Fish
Beach Club Restaurant
Selection Of Spreads & Calamari
Sardines Fillets Beach Club Restaurant Amanzoe
Sardines Fillets
Outside Area Of Bar Lounge
Bar Lounge

Activities and Excursions

The hotel offers a variety of activities to suit all interests. Guided tours to archeological sites, island hoping, trekking, you can visit cities in the region like Nafplio, wine tasting, beekeeping tour, water sports and much more. We decided to take a trip to the pretty island of Spetses for dinner one evening. The transfer was about 30 minutes, this includes the drive to the water taxi and trip by boat to Spetses. For the complete list of activities you can click here.

Activities and Excursions – Rating 9/10

Canoeing In The Sheltered Bay Beach Club Amanzoe
Canoeing In The Sheltered Bay
Canoeing In The Sheltered Bay Beach Club Amanzoe
Paddle Boarding In The Sheltered Bay
Spetses, Greece
Spetses Island By Night
Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses
Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses

Value for Money

You pay for perfection and you get your money’s worth at Amanzoe. The Pavilions alone are worth every penny. Overall, the resort, the service, the facilities, the views are all exquisite.

Value for Money – Rating 9/10

Concierge Service/Guest Relations/Staff

Sven, the General Manager was a pleasure to chat with, he made sure to check-in throughout our stay to ensure everything was perfect. There is no special request they will not try to accommodate. I forgot my engagement ring and wedding band in a bathrobe at the spa and realised an about hour later. They had cleaned out our treatment room and sent the robes to the laundry but managed to find my rings. I had them back within minutes!

Concierge Service/Guest Relations/Staff – Rating 10/10

Overall Experience

Our overall experience at Amanzoe is one we will not soon forget. We spent the rest of our trip comparing the service and accommodations to the amazing Amanzoe and it always ranked first. If you are looking for a peaceful retreat, luxurious accommodations and impeccable service, look no further!

Overall Rating: 9/10

I hope you enjoyed my Hotel Review: Amanzoe Luxury Resort In Greece! Would you stay at Amanzoe? Let me know in the comments and share this post with the social media links! I’d love to keep sharing our travel adventures so feel free to subscribe to the newsletter in the big box below. Don’t forget to follow me on facebookinstagram.

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