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World's Best Hotels 2017

The World’s Best Hotels 2017

I am always looking for great hotels since this is an important part of our vacation planning. That’s why I decided to merge a few lists of top hotels to find out which ones ranked more than once. The four lists I decided to reference are: TripAdvisor Top 25 Luxury […]

Ag. Nikolaos Church Zakynthos Greece

9 Things To Do On Zakynthos Island

Greece has been on my list of destinations for quite some time. Like many Canadians with immigrant parents, myself included, my childhood friend is of Greek origin with family in Zakynthos. As soon as she booked her summer vacation she asked if I could meet her. And since I never […]


A Weekend At The W Barcelona Hotel

Spain is always top of my list, we’ve been five times in 1.5 years and I still can’t get enough! So why not visit Barcelona a second time?! Since our first trip was spent sightseeing we decided to plan a more leisurely stay this time around. That usually involves lounging […]


A Perfect Weekend In London

If you don’t know by now, London is on my list of top three favorite cities in the world. So, you can understand why a perfect weekend in London is worth sharing time and again! When our friends from Toronto asked us to join them for the weekend we did […]

East Side Gallery - Berlin

Berlin: 3 Days in this Badass City

Berlin is a rebellious city with a rich history and tons of culture. I wasn’t too sure what to expect and honestly didn’t know much about this city until now. I got to explore badass Berlin and its more refined side while the hubby attended a conference. If you could […]

Bond Street, London, England

London Weekend City Break

London is one of my favorite cities; you’ll find amazing restaurants, great shopping, and it’s easy on the eyes. Because it is such a short flight from Dublin we try to visit as often as possible. This time we spent less than 36 hours in this fabulous city but managed […]