Glamping in Wadi Rum Jordan

Wadi Rum (Jordan): Glamping

So many beautiful places to visit in the world and Wadi Rum in Jordan is one of them! Jordan is a magical place, with so much to see and do. As a result, it is no wonder why people who visit fall in love. And I for one cannot wait to go back!

Wadi Rum, a protected area and UNESCO World Heritage Center, was our last stop on our amazing visit to Jordan. Discovery Circle Tours planned our itinerary and paired us with the most knowledgeable guide: Ahmad Al Khaldi.

Wadi Rum is a short detour from the Desert Highway. Upon arrival at the Visitor’s Center, Ahmad escorted us to the 4X4 jeep taking us to the Discovery Bedu Camp. Visitors should know that Bedouins are the only ones allowed to drive in Wadi Rum. Consequently, you should make plans in advance to avoid disappointment. The drive through the desert is an experience in itself; the scenery is breathtaking! You can picture beautiful canyons, cliffs, grottos and golden sands.

Wadi Rum Visitor Center
Wadi Rum Desert Landscape
Golden Sand and Sunset

Glamping at Bedu Camp

The Discovery Bedu Camp is about an hour and a half away from the visitor center which makes it remote enough to feel disconnected from civilization. Most importantly it is perfectly located to watch Wadi Rum’s beautiful sunsets. We were greeted upon arrival with wet towels and a welcome Bedu aperitif. If you are looking for a luxury Bedouin desert experience, this is the place!

Furthermore, the Camp is an ecofriendly luxury camp with electricity, hot and cold running water and full bathroom facilities. As a result, you will find an ensuite bathroom with rain-shower, private toilet and full bathroom amenities in each tent. The luxury suites are discerningly decorated to blend with the desert surroundings.

In addition, guests have the choice between four tents containing a king size bed or two with twin beds that you can convert into a king size. Furthermore, there are two comfortable bamboo seats, a luggage desk, and hanging closet. Those traveling with their kids can choose to have a third bed added to the tent depending on occupancy.

Luxury Tented Suites at Discovery Bedu Camp
King Size Tented Suite
Ensuite Bathroom with Rain-Shower, Private Toilet and Amenities.

Camel Ride and Bedouin Tea

Stop along the way at one of the many camps where you can ride a camel, purchase local art craft and drink the famous Bedouin tea. The tea is served in every tent you will visit, it is hot, sweet and usually flavored with mint and sage. A stay at the Discovery Bedu Camp includes a one-hour camel ride through the desert.

Camels Available to Ride Through the Desert
Bedouin Tea Wadi Rum
Bedouin Tea

Wadi Rum Sunsets and Dinning

You can relax on the swing bed or sofa while enjoying the sunset with a lovely Jordanian glass of wine and mezze. The camp is romantic, peaceful and set up perfectly to appreciate the magnificent landscape. The service is incredible, the attention to detail is worth noting and the staff are very friendly.

Guests can savor a traditional Bedouin meal cooked under the desert sand, known as “zarb”. This ancient and traditional cooking practice consists of burying a pot covered in coals in an oven beneath the desert sands. Resulting in a slow roasted meal full of flavor and fragrance. Diners are invited to enjoy the meal in the main dining area known as the Bedouin tent, or al fresco under the starlit sky.

Watch the Sunset on the Swing Bed
Wine and Mezze While Watching the Sunset
Sitting Area at Discovery Bedu Camp Wadi Rum Jordan
Sitting Area at Discovery Bedu Camp
Main Dining Area - Bedouin Tent

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This is one of the many experiences Jordan has to offer. As a result I recommend no less than a week stay. Because we only had three full days to explore, we missed out on some great activities. Therefore, we must go back!

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